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Technology is constantly changing and it is impacting many industries with the wood products industry included.  Most recently with the advancements in mobile technology companies can communicate in new and faster ways. Technology such as smartphones keep companies constantly connected, raising networking to another level. Companies have immediate access to their information, increasing the frequency and speed of communication, making companies more efficient out of the office working with internal personnel or onsite with customers and suppliers. As mobile technology has become ubiquitous 3LOG has recognized the benefits for personnel to have access to the LIMS system in a mobile environment.  As a result, 3LOG sought input from our clients and developed LIMS Mobile to address the needs of users on the move. Some of the many uses for LIMS mobile that were defined include:

  1. The nature of the business is that foresters, managers and executives are routinely traveling and it can be difficult at times to get in contact with them.  When doing contracts LIMS provides an automated approval process that can send an email to the appropriate person and they can approve right from their phone to keep the process moving along.
  2. Managers and executives need access to real-time data so they can make business decisions and LIMS Mobile provides access to all the reports with up-to-date information.
  3. Personnel just need access to contracts, settlements, inventory, reports and many other features when not in the office and LIMS Mobile makes it available.
  4. Users can receive Alerts and Notifications such as the status of contracts, inventory, settlements and many other items while out of the office.  First configure the parameters you want the system to manage for you and based on the business logic you define it will automatically email you when something falls outside of the specified criteria.

LIMS Mobile utilizes the same security as the LIMS desktop system so the integrity is maintained.  Mobile users are only allowed to input or access based on the corporate security settings. LIMS itself is a very powerful system as a desktop application.  Having the availability of LIMS in a mobile environment is a complete game changer for our clients.  You no longer have to think about doing everything in the office environment.  With LIMS mobile employees can perform tasks remotely and be more proficient which ultimately means they are providing more value/profit to their company. Below you can see the desktop version of LIMS and the mobile version of LIMS which uses the same user-friendly icons.  Since the icons are the same the users of the desktop version of LIMS can start using the mobile version of LIMS with no additional training required.

Screen shot of LIMS desktop with comparable functionality accessible on the iPhone

LIMS is accessible on the iPhone and Android devices. As the #1 industry solution provider of wood product management systems we have more clients and installations than any other company in the world.  Our client base is very diverse and it drives us to be very flexible in accommodating all the different requirements that exist. 3LOG has been and continues to be committed to the wood products industry.  No other company compares when it comes to the investment in the software and keeping up with current technology. To learn more about LIMS Mobile and how this industry changing solution can help your company become more efficient out of the office contact 3LOG sales.

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LIMS Mobile

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