Contract Manager Module

The Contract Manager is totally integrated with all the other modules in the Log Inventory and Management System (LIMS). It administers your contracts for wood procurement or timber harvesting and if required log and wood trading or sales. A multi-level approval process for contracts keeps your financial data secure, and all changes to contracts can be audited.


Key Features
Key Benefits

Manage your contract lifecycle

LIMS’ Contract Manager, together with its security features, give you precise control over the pricing and authorization process. The Approvals Manager provides a further degree of assistance and control.

Control contract terms

You can price your contracts with a standard price list or with contract-specific rates. All regular payments will automatically match the rates specified and authorized in the contract. You can quickly query and extract any off-contract payments for investigation.

Assign contractors to specific locations and stratum

LIMS can manage phased contracting with different pay rates for each contractor. Contractors can be assigned to specific locations (approval area, block, patch) with different pay rates depending on the area. LIMS also allows pay rate information to be entered for a wide variety of services within a contract. For example, multiple hauling contractors can haul wood from the same setup number, or they can be assigned to skidding. Some of these pay types include pay by weight, by load, by volume, by grade, by piece, by hour and by day.

LIMS can use alternate pay rate information for prime and sub-contractors

Manage each supplier or contractor’s information and performance.

LIMS keeps track of each contractor’s workers compensation, liability insurance, certification, etc., and monitors the expiry date of each. Holdbacks, advances, penalties, and bonuses are captured by the system and complete reconciliation is sent to the Payment Manager before any payment advice is made.

Issue advance payments to contractors or suppliers

Each logging contractor payment is made based on a “bush scale” or “stacked at roadside” volume estimation, prior to actual weigh scale capture of delivered log volumes. This “bush scale” is entered into the LIMS system (Bush Scale Information Screen) either via modem link or diskette from a remote computer maintained at each woodlands work area.

Manage purchases and timber or wood trading contracts

These contracts cover the purchase and transportation of a series of loads from another supplier. When a purchase is arranged, it will be assigned to a “harvest area” that is created for the purpose of these purchases. The “harvest area” may then be used for one or more purchase at the users discretion.

When timber is sold to another company, it will be sold under its normally assigned “harvest area”. The accounting information is recorded and transferred to accounting systems on a regular basis.

Perform conversions between user-defined units

LIMS handles conversions from weight to volume based on either load sample scaling or pre-determined conversion factors manually entered by users. Units of measurement within LIMS are all user-defined in the system “Type Table”, which allows users to choose either metric or imperial measure for inputs.

Calculates stumpage fees and royalties and provides statement reports to the government

As each load crosses a weigh scale location, LIMS will identify the load source and destination, as well as the product type that is being delivered. The load weight is then converted from weight to volume in order to be reported for stumpage payment. Stumpage payments are generated by LIMS monthly or on-demand and would utilize the market prices, which are entered into the LIMS by staff for payment calculations. LIMS can also transmit stumpage reports to the government electronically in the format required.

Control your costs by controlling your contracts

With LIMS’ security, control and reporting features you have total control over your contracts, their authorization process, and the rates you contract to pay at.

Contract information at your fingertips

All your contracts are stored centrally in one database so you can extract and report on your total contract base by any related business criterion (vendor, species, source, etc).

Maximize your benefit from your contracts

Utilizing the range of payment types available through the Contract Manager, LIMS users can maximize the value of a contract by deciding which pay rate will work for each specific patch.

Facilitate payment arrangements

LIMS allows prime-contractor, sub-contractor, and alternate payee arrangements. This hierarchy, created at the contract level, provides maximum payment flexibility to the user.

High level of flexibility

Users do not have to be restricted to a certain measurement standard, because LIMS allows users to choose any measurements unit required. For example, they can be either metric or U.S. units.

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