Inventory Manager Module

Accurate, real-time inventory is a must. The Log Inventory and Management System (LIMS) tracks your timber, logs, wood and fiber at all your company locations whether in yards or at mills or in transit. The Inventory Manager is fully integrated with all other parts of LIMS, so that as soon as a delivery is made, your inventory is right up to date.

Key Features
Key Benefits

Record identification and other information for each load

LIMS tracks business information for each and every load. From bush to the mill, all information associated with a load (e.g. ticket number, truck identification, date in and out, contractor, and so on) is recorded and available for display and reporting.

Establish unlimited numbers of materials and categories

LIMS users can establish an unlimited number of material types at any camp location. If harvest operations or lines of business change in the future, LIMS can create new product types to go along with the new business practices.

Value bush, yard and mill inventory

Inventory can be valued by a number of common industry methods. Using this feature, you can accurately value your inventory based on your knowledge and experience of current market trends. For example, the value for bush inventory can be set company-wide by approval area, block, setup number, species, or even product type.

Track Inventory

Daily tracking of inventory is achieved through remote links to camps, giving managers an up-to-the-minute value of timber stored in the bush as well as at yards and mills.

Inventory Reports (daily, weekly, monthly, or as defined by the user)

Inventory Manager can produce inventory reports using the information recorded for inventory purposes. These reports can be for specific locations, species, and time periods, including detailed transaction history sorted by yard, deck, and mill locations.

Manage and update yard inventories

Inventory Manager also updates yard inventories when there are transfers between yards, piles, or for mill usage. It also allows manual yard inventory update by adding, changing, and deleting loads/logs from yards, and keeps a detailed transaction history regarding the inventory status, including deliveries, movements and adjustments.

  • Facilitates inventory and accounting procedures by recording and tracking information from the forest to the mill
  • Provides flexibility by being able to establish an unlimited number of product types and adapting to new business lines or business practices if required
  • Reduces the cost of inventoried wood by accounting for known bush inventory (this enables our clients to run their mills on a just-in-time inventory basis)

Product Screens

Screen shot of Yard Inventory / click to enlarge

Screen shot of Yard Inventory / click to enlarge

Screen shot of Weighscale Synchronization / click to enlarge

Screen shot of Weighscale Synchronization / click to enlarge