Our Mission

Our team members share the same mission:

Our mission

is to help forestry, timber and wood products companies increase operational efficiencies, make better decisions more quickly, streamline their processes, and reduce the cost of their day-to-day operations.

We accomplish this

by providing our clients with effective information management systems that are tailored to their needs.

3LOG Systems Inc. offers your company solutions to get ahead with the industry-leading Log Inventory & Management System (LIMS)WeighWiz, and LabWiz Software. At 3LOG, we continually strive to remain at the forefront of our industry by developing solutions relevant to your information gathering and processing challenges, as well as by continually enhancing our top-rated software systems. It is this commitment that allows us to stay ahead of our competition. We want to help you do the same.

Our consulting services, custom programming, and standardized software provide innovative solutions to forestry industry issues. Our dedicated team of professionals is responsive to each client’s unique needs. We work together with companies to develop new and innovative solutions for forestry-related timber and raw material inventory information systems.

We build strong relationships based on a thorough understanding of the marketplace and on our willingness to address each of our client’s unique needs. At 3LOG, we think of our clients as our partners.

Our team members recognize the company’s vision: To be the only specialist in the forest industry who can fully combine quality management with leading edge information technology.