Solutions for specific industry needs

Our Log Inventory & Management System (LIMS) has special features to meet the particular needs of these industries or regions:

  1. LabWiz for pulp mills
  2. BoomWiz for coastal loggers and those with coastal logging operations
  3. Specific solutions for British Columbia

LabWiz (for Pulp Mills)

3LOG’s LabWiz Module transmits mill results from chip moisture, contaminant and fraction testing and feeds data into LIMS. LabWiz can also be interfaced with a broad range of hardware (barcode scanners, touch screens, etc.) and, by design, reduces user-training time while maximizing data integrity. LabWiz is highly configurable: it can work within different lab environments, from simple weighing to complex component analysis. Learn More »

BoomWiz (for Coastal Groups)

3LOG’s BoomWiz Module handles the water transportation aspects of log management. This module easily transfers loads from LIMS directly to booms. From there, managing booms, generating settlements, making towing orders, and planning barge trips, are easy. BoomWiz also manages the properties and attributes of the involved logs, making the whole process much more efficient. Learn More »

Solutions for BC

In Canada, each region has its own governing body, with its own reporting method. In British Columbia, the Ministry of Forests and Range (MoF) has a new reporting system, the Harvest Billing System (HBS), which uses modern web technologies to simplify and optimize the reporting process. 3LOG’s LIMS and WeighWiz software aid in performing regular inventory management tasks as well as submitting data to the HBS in the required format, all from the same program. You can also integrate the rich, in-depth information about log quality captured by scalers into your corporate database. Learn More »