• Coastal groups are responsible for managing the entire process of harvesting logs, sorting them and transferring to booms, applying for export permits and selling them/shipping them via water transportation.
  • A boom is made up of many logs, each with its own properties, sources, sort code, quality etc., and a boom may only accept certain kinds of logs. Sorting the logs and ensuring each boom gets the correct logs, while keeping track of all this information, can be tedious and difficult.
  • Coastal groups also have to manage boom gear, contracts, rates, transactions, and transportation.
  • 3LOG Systems’ LIMS bridges the gap between on-shore log inventory management and in-water boom inventory management. Continue reading to find out how BoomWiz works.

  • LIMS’s BoomWiz module effectively manages all activities, from logging quality and loading to delivery and sorting, and from boom creation and contract setup to settlement generation, invoicing and export application.
  • BoomWiz supports live and automatic boom creation. It determines logs’ corresponding boom after they arrive and transfers them to booms. It has capability to sort and create individual bundles or use boom cut off. BoomWiz supports FIFO and LIFO creation methods as well as tag scanning.
  • BoomWiz records and stores a detailed description of each log in the database.
  • BoomWiz manages towing orders, plans barge trips and supports boom storage management and invoicing.
  • BoomWiz keeps track of used boom gear, such as chains, wires and boomsticks. Manages on site gear inventory and client gear account balances including gear transfers sales and purchases.
  • BoomWiz provides complete export application and export permit management including automated XML transfer of export application data to the ministry. It also supports weigh scale boom export sampling rules.
  • BoomWiz is fully compliant with HBS requirements and the system is HBS Certified
  • System has functionality to manage and track long term trade agreements with customers
  • BoomWiz fully supports Scribner, FBM and JAS measurements in addition to metric measurements

  • Documents details of every log in a boom
  • Supports sort codes to identify types of logs and create sorted booms
  • Loads, boomsticks and boom cut-offs data is easily imported into LIMS
  • Supports multiple methods of boom creation
  • Capable of handling metric and other measurements like Scribner and FBM
  • Sets up rates and contracts
  • Manages water transportation (tugboats and barges) and monitors boom gear
  • Generates settlements
  • Supports export application
  • HBS Certified
  • Features an intuitive and efficient LIMS user interface

  • Increases control over inventory
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Boosts productivity and efficiency
  • Minimizes employee training
  • Integrates water transportation management
  • Offers a specific solution for the BC Region

Product Screens

Screenshot of BoomWiz / click to enlarge

Screenshot of BoomWiz / click to enlarge