3LOG Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of business solutions for timber management and wood product companies in North America. We help companies take advantage of current technology to achieve operational efficiencies so they can make better-informed business decisions. With over 500 installations to our credit, 3LOG’s knowledgeable industry consultants work with you to define your business requirements and then tailor a solution that delivers the highest return on investment (ROI). Our systems can manage one small aspect or the entire forestry cycle from silviculture, harvesting, procuring, hauling, consuming, inventory or selling logs and/or wood byproducts. We address all the needs for anyone that works with wood products such as; TIMO’s/REIT’s, pulp & paper mills, softwood mills, hardwood mills, pellet mills, OSB/plywood mills or biomass facilities/utilities. This website highlights our company, products and services. For more detailed information we encourage you to contact us. Together we can uncover your business needs and determine how the 3LOG solution can potentially benefit your organization.

3LOG Products

Log Inventory & Management System (LIMS)

LIMS is a feature-rich system that provides integrated support for all timber or wood related activities. Optional additional modules reduce duplication of effort by electronically capturing data from measuring instruments and feeding this information directly into a central database. We also provide automated interfacing to your financial system. Learn More »


WeighWiz solves your weigh-scaling puzzle even when the weigh master is not available. With WeighWiz’s powerful and intuitive user interface, weigh masters can focus their time on managing their weigh station, while the software takes care of the administration. It also includes features to transfer data back to a central database automatically. Learn More »


Pulp and paper mills often use LIMS as a wood or fiber procurement system. Checking deliveries for moisture content, contaminants, etc. requires detailed sampling and testing in the lab. LabWiz software can help. Learn More »


LoaderWiz allows the loader in the forest to initiate loads from their current location using GPS and electronically manage loads to their final destination. Learn More »

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As mobile technology has become ubiquitous 3LOG has recognized the benefits for personnel to have access to the LIMS system in a mobile environment. Learn More »

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Industry Solutions

From Timberlands to Pulp and Paper Mills

The timberlands and forest products industries must continually change to keep up with the evolving nature of the wood products business. In this environment, it makes sense to buy software that is not only a log accounting system or wood procurement system, but also a powerful timber and wood products raw material management system, handling everything from harvesting, procurement and contractor payables through to the final pulp and paper or lumber mill. Learn More »

Wood Products

Accurate, real-time inventory is a must. LIMS tracks your timber, logs, wood and fiber at all your company locations whether in yards or at mills or in transit. The Inventory Manager is fully integrated with all other parts of LIMS so that as soon as a delivery is made, your inventory is up-to-date. Learn More »


LIMS addresses the requirements for the Biomass/Utilities industry. It offers the flexibility to accommodate the rules and restrictions for specific regions. 3LOG’s weighscale application (WeighWiz) is California Certified (also known as CTEP) and can be implemented very quickly.  Learn More »

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  • We implemented LIMS in less than 2 months and I couldn't have been happier with the way it went. It was quick and easy to learn the new system. 3LOG resources were fantastic to work with and they were extremely helpful to ensure our contractors were paid on time during the first close when we had an issue with our Internet connection/connectivity. Our Internet connection is not 3LOG's responsibility but they stepped in and helped us out.

    I would highly recommend 3LOG based on my experience with the product and resources.

    Emily Acord

    Log Accounting

    - LandVest, Inc.

  • • By adopting LIMS, we have gained efficiencies throughout the organization, saving time and money
    • Implementation was professional, smooth and most importantly on time and on budget
    • 3LOG Consultants took the time to really understand our processes, and designed our implementation to fit our business needs
    • By adopting the LIMS mobile capabilities, we will save time and money, and expect to be able to work closer with our suppliers throughout the U.S. and Canada and our employees worldwide

    Donald Cox

    Controller at PLS International

    - Pacific Lumber & Shipping, LLC

  • We love the power that the LIMS system provides us. We setup reports to be distributed and they go out as scheduled automatically. By extracting the data to a pivot table, we now have real-time tracking of deliveries with visibility to customers and sales along with amounts delivered over a period of time.

    Brian D. Glodowski


    - Keweenaw Land Association, Limited

  • We are thrilled to be working with 3LOG and are looking forward to utilizing the LIMS software to manage our operations more efficiently.

    Kerry Rouck

    Woodlands Manager

    - The Gorman Group of Companies

  • June of 2015 we implemented LIMS and WeighWiz at our NY operations. We replaced 3 legacy systems and the new solution from 3LOG works flawlessly all the way through the process - from contract to settlement. We barcode every log and LIMS allows us to manage the inventory so we know exactly how much money we are making at all times. The reports generated from the LIMS system we have never been able to obtain before. This really has been a great partnership with 3LOG and the customer service gets a 9 on a scale of 1-10.

    John Zemanick

    Natural Resource Manager

    - Gutchess Lumber Co.

  • Utilizing 3LOG’s truck weight analyzer (TWA) at the weighscale we are able to identify unusual loads immediately and in situations such as when a truck axle is not on the scale we can proactively correct the problem.

    Jenny Pezewski

    Lake States Wood Supply Accounting Manager

    - Verso Corp.