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As a part of our commitment to the success of your business, we offer a comprehensive training program plus a maintenance and support program.

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Maintenance and Support Program

Our maintenance and support program is a service available to purchasers of LIMS and/or WeighWiz. It ensures you derive the maximum possible benefit from your investment in 3LOG software, both now and into the future.

By taking advantage of 3LOG’s maintenance and support offering, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that help is just a phone call away. Our standard response time is within four hours of an incident being reported, and actual response times are often within one hour. Support is available to subscribers to our Maintenance and Support Program by three channels:

  • E-mail support – Customers can e-mail their issues and questions to support@3log.com. The issue will then be categorized and forwarded to a technical support engineer for resolution within one business day.
  • Telephone support – Customers may call us at (604) 249-2115, or toll free 1-877-249-3LOG(3564) where they will quickly be transferred to a technical support engineer.
  • Fax support – Customers may also fax their questions or concerns to (604) 271-5507.

As well as providing technical assistance and trouble-shooting, the program also offers enhancements and upgrades to keep your system up to date with the latest technologies—and with the latest forest industry practices.

Changes occur rapidly in technology. As software vendors update their operating systems and databases, 3LOG upgrades its systems to leverage the new functionality. The maintenance and support program ensures your system continues to function as technologies change.

The forest industry is also continually evolving. 3LOG is constantly adding new features to respond to these changes. Software releases are issued about every 18 months. Participating in the maintenance and support program ensures you stay current with industry practices.

Our maintenance and support program keeps you current with the latest regulations, business practices, and technology changes at a fixed and easy-to-budget-for monthly or annual rate.

At 3LOG Systems, we uphold our commitment to innovative leadership with a program of ongoing research and development, promising complete timberlands and wood procurement solutions for all the industry’s challenges. Through our R&D program:

  • Our business analysts continually monitor forest and wood products industry trends
  • Our project managers maintain close contact with our clients and respond to their evolving needs and recommendations
  • Our software developers work hard to stay on top of the daily innovations in software and database technology
  • Our technology configuration management team has been following a systematic approach to controlling and tracking changes to our LIMS inventory management solution over its lifetime

We regularly upgrade our Log Inventory and Management System (LIMS) to newer versions—usually, every six months for minor upgrades and once every 18 months for major releases—as a result of our R&D program, and as recommended by our clients, to reflect the industry trends, new technology, and the evolving business environment.

Examples of recent additions to come out of our R&D program—provided free of charge to subscribers to our support and maintenance agreement—include automated report scheduling and distribution; a powerful wizard for importing data from external trading partners; and web-based reporting access.

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Receive help through our Online Support request – Customers can send a request for assistance in real time through an easy to use web interface. Click here to get started!