System FAQ

What is the Return On Investment for LIMS and WeighWiz?

3LOG’s software helps sawmills and pulp mills maximize efficiency and effectiveness in their day-to-day operations and cost management. It provides the best solutions for quickly responding to business challenges, making better operating decisions, and controlling operational and administrative costs. Woodland operators and log processors benefit from our software’s complete functionality, which fully integrates everything from procurement through to track management, contract management, and accounting. Therefore, our products utilize powerful tools that will maximize your resources and make the most out of the money you spend.

3LOG Systems’ Research & Development team is always on the leading edge of today’s Forestry and Information Technology Industries. We keep upgrading our products to your changing needs.

How many installations of LIMS are there?

LIMS has been successfully implemented in diverse clients as small as a single mill and as large as multi-mill operations with multiple staging yards across North America. The scalable architecture of LIMS permits its use in different sizes: large, medium, and small operations. LIMS is a premier software product that has been installed at more than 400 sites in Canada and the United States.

How is user access and security managed?

Users are created at the underlying database layer and are assigned security roles. All the screens, reports, tables, and views are assigned to roles or individual users.

This approach assures that there is no backdoor access to the system and that all the user activities can be tracked and audited regardless of how they accessed the data.

How much do LIMS and WeighWiz cost?

It depends on the size of your operations and production. After discussing your business requirements and understanding your objectives we will be able to offer you a reasonable pricing range.  If you choose to do a more thorough business process review that analyzes the project in detail we can pinpoint the exact cost for your company.

How can LIMS be integrated?

LIMS’ database and file structure are specifically designed to allow easy interfacing to other programs, whether they are on the same or different computer system.

LIMS has the capability to integrate with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS). It also integrates with other weigh scale systems, 3LOG’s WeighWiz, and a number of financial systems such as Oracle, J.D. Edwards, ACCPAC, Markam, Sun Systems, Walker, etc.

What types of reports are offered by LIMS?

LIMS can generate different sorts of reports such as configuration reports, operational reports, contractor listing reports (by contract type, location, and vendor), Cut Control reports, log delivery reports, woodlands payment reports, purchase orders and inventory reports (daily, weekly, or monthly as defined by the user).

What if I want to increase the product types in the future after LIMS is installed?

Should the choice of harvest system change in the future, new product types can be easily created to represent any new manufacturing stages. Users can also associate additional contracts and amortizations at any new phase of manufacture or product type they create within LIMS.

Who are the end-users of LIMS and WeighWiz? How is information security managed?

The end-users can be woodlands managers, woodlands controllers, accountants, contractor, etc. The system is designed so that information is available only to those who needed it. Division Controllers or Managers can decide which individuals have access to which contracts and reports. Multiple security levels that allow data integrity and accuracy are maintained.

Can I weigh trucks when my network is down?

Yes. WeighWiz can continue to operate if it loses its network connection, and then upload all the data recorded during the downtime when the network connection is re-established.

Can I schedule my reports?

Yes. LIMS has powerful features for automatic running of your reports according the schedule you establish. It will also print, email or fax reports to your specifications. This saves manual effort and ensures regular production and distribution of your reports.

Can I enable my suppliers to view their information online?

You can set up your security to allow your suppliers to access the server your LIMS Service is running on. Alternatively, you can generate reports as data files or HTML files and store them on your network, or email them to your suppliers.

Can I track other loads such as outgoing lumber in WeighWiz?

Yes. Both WeighWiz and LIMS will fully administer loads you send to customers, all the way through to generating the appropriate entries for your corporate financial systems.