Architecture FAQ

How large are LIMS and WeighWiz in terms of program sizes?

The program sizes of LIMS and WeighWiz depend on the client’s functional specifications. Typically LIMS occupies about 7-9 megabytes (excluding databases) and WeighWiz occupies under 5 megabytes of hard disk space.

Do LIMS and WeighWiz work with Macintosh/Apple Computers?

Yes, but it will need some configurations. Please contact us if you are interested in using LIMS on Macintosh/Apple computers.

Do LIMS and WeighWiz run on a single PC?

Yes, LIMS and WeighWiz are single and multi-user tools.

What databases can LIMS run on?

LIMS runs on either Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server. These are open-standard database platforms, an approach that has proven superior to closed, proprietary systems.

Can LIMS run under Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Server?

Yes. We have tested LIMS with both of the above products, and indeed we have clients who are using the “thin client” approach in production.