Sunbelt Forest Ventures LLC

Vancouver, BC, Canada – March 18, 2019 – Sunbelt Forest Ventures LLC is implementing 3LOG’s LIMS and WeighWiz software at their new sawmill in Selma, Alabama.

3LOG’s ability to provide a proven web-based solution that can accommodate procurement, settlement, certifications and advanced reporting for users  in disperse locations was key.  Additionally, 3LOG’s experience and long history working with other companies in the South/Southeast was very important.

Sunbelt is locating a high-tech sawmill in Dallas County.  This is a non-traditional sawmill targeting logs suitable to manufacture components for pallets. A primary customer for the mills production will be PalletOne, the nation’s largest manufacturer of pallets.

PalletOne has operated a pallet manufacturing plant in Selma since 2006.  It takes around 5 billion board feet of lumber to supply the nation’s pallet production requirements. The Sunbelt Forest Ventures Mill will play an important part for pallet lumber.

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