Rentech, Inc. goes with 3LOG

Vancouver, BC, Canada – Nov 7, 2013 – Rentech, Inc. has selected 3LOG and is implementing LIMS and WeighWiz at their 2 new locations in Ontario.

Rentech needed an industry standard solution with robust functionality for the pellet industry and found 3LOG’s product to be the optimal solution to meet their needs.  3LOG has extensive experience in the industry working with other pellet manufacturers and the most feature rich system in the marketplace.

Rentech has signed 2 ten-year take-or-pay contracts with Drax Power Limited (Drax) and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) for the sale of industrial wood pellets totaling over four million tonnes of production over the life of the contracts.  Rentech is converting two decommissioned fibre mills in Wawa, Ontario and Atikokan, Ontario with significant existing reusable infrastructure into pellet production to fulfill the pellet deliveries required under the Drax and OPG contracts.

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