Kilmer Forestry implementing LIMS and WeighWiz

Vancouver, BC, Canada – February 13, 2019 – Kilmer Forestry has selected 3LOG’s LIMS and WeighWiz software to help them manage their operations at Chaleur Sawmills in Belledune, NB and Fornebu Lumber in Miramichi, NB.

3LOG’s ability to offer a proven solution that can accommodate multiple languages, currencies and measurements was a key consideration.  Additionally, 3LOG’s experience and long history working with other companies in New Brunswick was very important.

Fornebu is a specialist lumber production and forest management business based in Miramichi and Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada. The company owns 16,100 hectares of forest and manages a further 943,000 hectares on behalf of the Crown. Fornebu is committed to the use of sustainable forestry practices and meeting the needs of its customers and stakeholders through the responsible management of public and private forests under its stewardship. Directly employing more than 125 people, the company’s framing lumber sawmill cuts 375,000 m³ of timber annually and its total annual timber harvest exceeds 1,200,000 m³. Fornebu’s annual production is approximately 100 million board feet and lumber sales occur throughout North America.

Chaleur is one of the largest mills in Atlantic Canada and located in Belledune, NB, which is about 300km north of Fredericton. This modern and well-maintained sawmill is one of the most efficient and well operated mills. Chaleur’s production capacity, over the years, has grown from 40 Mbft to 170 Mbft, with over 70 thousand metric tons of chips, 50 thousand metric tons of bark, sawdust and shavings being produced. Lumber sales occur throughout Canada and the United States.

Kilmer Forestry, Chaleur Sawmills and Fornebu Lumber are all part of the Kilmer Group.  For more information about the Kilmer Group you can visit them online at

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