Canadian Overseas Log & Lumber Ltd. goes with 3LOG software

Vancouver, BC, Canada – April 8, 2014 – Canadian Overseas Log & Lumber Ltd. is implementing 3LOG’s LIMS (Log Inventory and Management System) and BoomWiz software for their operations in Vancouver, British Columbia.

3LOG is implementing LIMS and BoomWiz eliminating manual data re-entry by importing electronic scale detail of weight and piece scale (Metric & Scribner). The new system will provide current inventory reporting down to log level with costs and support log tagging, boom sticks and gear inventory management. Boom purchases and sales with revenue/profit distribution to owners (project costing) included.

Canadian Overseas Log & Lumber Ltd. provides a number of services for loggers, timber owners, mill owners, custom-cutters and lumber buyers. Services include: Log Brokerage, Timber Assessment, House Logs, Log Export and Lumber Brokerage & Marketing.

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