3LOG User Conference 2015 held in New Orleans

3LOG’s 2015 User Conference took place at the Hyatt Regency in downtown New Orleans with customers coming from all over North America.

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Presentations included; LIMS end-to-end (setup, delivery, settlement and sales/transfers), Approvals, Import/Export Designer, LIMS Advanced Features, WeighWiz Advanced Features, Hands on Report Tutorial, Inventory Tracking, Planning/Quota Tracking, LoaderWiz, ScaleWiz, BoomWiz, Simple Entry and many more topics.

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The Report Tutorial was instructor led followed by hands on sessions to better understand how to actually use report functionality.

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Many users attended one-on-one lab sessions to get hands on with the LIMS software.  3LOG support staff were on-hand to help provide answers to questions.

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There were many opportunities during breakfast, lunch breaks and at evening events to connect with other users and 3LOG personnel.

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A dinner Jazz cruise on the Creole Queen River Boat the first evening provided clients with the opportunity to enjoy good company, food, drinks, music and of course scenic views from the Mississippi River.

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The second evening the group came together at the second floor of the Bourbon House Restaurant.  Afterwards some more adventurous people ventured on to Bourbon Street to broaden their horizons.

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Seafood boats at Bourbon House

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Based on feedback from attendees the overall user conference rated 9+ out of a possible 10.  The general consensus is that everyone that attended is already excited about getting back together to meet new people and learn more at the next conference – wherever that may be.

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