Spray Lake Sawmills picks 3LOG

May 6, 2014

Vancouver, BC, Canada – May 6, 2014 – Spray Lake Sawmills is implementing 3LOG’s LIMS (Log Inventory and Management System) software and WeighWiz at their operations in Cochrane, Alberta.

LIMS will accurately track the load details (TM9) for settlement and provide reporting to the Government of Alberta with the TPRS remittance. The software will be used to identify trucks, routes and penalties, pay bonuses and fuel adjustments, create pay statements and email them, provide reports for Woodlands and Accounting. The scale software will operate in an unmanned mode and allow scaling frequency by population and accurately track inventory (decks & consumption).

Spray Lake Sawmills has been manufacturing forest products for use throughout Canada and abroad since 1943. The products include dimension lumber, agriculture fence posts, treated wood, livestock bedding, wood chips (for use in pulp and paper products) and bark mulch (for use in landscaping applications).

For more information about Spray Lake Sawmills you can visit them online at www.spraylakesawmills.com.

For more information about 3LOG Systems or the LIMS and WeighWiz products you can contact 3LOG at 877-249-3LOG (3564), or by email at sales@3log.com.