Sojitz implementing 3LOG solution

Vancouver, BC, Canada – Dec 6, 2011 – LIMS, WeighWiz and BoomWiz are currently being implemented within the Forest Products Division of Sojitz Canada Corporation.

With an increase in log volumes it was determined that managing information on paper and manually processing transactions was going to inhibit the growth for Sojitz.  3LOG’s solution will help alleviate time consuming inventory reconciliation, maximize reporting capabilities and improve business critical data needed for accounting processes.

Sojitz Canada Corporation is part of Sojitz Corporation of America which is the U.S. subsidiary of Sojitz Corporation, an integrated global trading company with 18,600 employees and doing a total of 54 billion in annual trade transactions.  The Forest Products Division focuses on the log and lumber industry.  Maintaining an environmentally conscientious sustainable yield, the group exports North American logs and lumber to Japan, where the Sojitz Group has a predominant market position.

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