Skeena installs WeighWizBC

Vancouver, BC, Canada – January 24, 2013 – 3LOG installed WeighWizBC at Skeena Sawmills.

Skeena Sawmills needed a solution that was Harvest Billing System (HBS) approved that could accurately calculate Crown Dues and 3LOG’s WeighWizBC product turned out to be the best available product to meet those requirements.

Skeena Sawmills was purchased by the B.C. company Roc Holdings Ltd. in July 2011 and received their first load of logs July 2012.  Roc Holdings Ltd. wants to increase the mill’s capacity to consume 350,000 cubic meters of log yearly with more than one shift daily optimal. In regards to sales, Roc Holdings Ltd. has close ties to a major real estate, development and construction conglomerate located in China – a country that is one of the world’s largest lumber consumers with increasing demand.

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