Pinnacle Renewable Energy implementing LIMS, WeighWiz and LabWiz in US mill

Vancouver, BC, Canada – January 30, 2019 – Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. is implementing 3LOG’s LIMS, WeighWiz and LabWiz products at their US operations in Aliceville, Alabama.

In 2017 Pinnacle implemented LIMS, WeighWiz and LabWiz products at 8 locations in western Canada to reduce the burden of manual entries and data consolidation.  The ability to manage all information in a single central client/server database for operations and analytical reporting, managing certification and insurance, having audit capability and security was critical.  Based on the success in Canada Pinnacle is now implementing in the US and looks forward to continued growth.

Pinnacle is a rapidly growing industrial wood pellet manufacturer and distributor and the third largest producer in the world. The Company produces sustainable fuel for renewable electricity generation in the form of industrial wood pellets. This fuel is used by large-scale thermal power generators as a greener alternative to produce reliable baseload renewable power.  The Company operates eight industrial wood pellet production facilities in western Canada and one in Alabama, and owns a port terminal in Prince Rupert, B.C.  Pinnacle has entered into long-term take-or-pay contracts with utilities in the U.K., Europe and Asia that represent 106% of its production capacity through 2021 and nearly 98% of its production capacity through 2026.

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