Phoenix Paper Wickliffe, LLC selects 3LOG

Vancouver, BC, Canada – April 16, 2019 – Phoenix Paper Wickliffe, LLC has chosen 3LOG to implement LIMS, WeighWiz and LabWiz as they restart the Wickliffe, KY location.

3LOG was implemented at the Wickliffe, KY mill previously when it was under the ownership of Verso Corporation.  The mill had been closed for several years and now Phoenix Paper Wickliffe, LLC plans to restart the mill within a matter of weeks.  Knowing that LIMS, WeighWiz and LabWiz offers all the functionality needed for the Wickliffe operations and considering the very short timeline, 3LOG was an obvious choice.

Phoenix Paper Wickliffe, LLC, is a subsidiary of Shanying International – a China-based company and a leading global pulp & paper company, principally engaged in the manufacture and distribution of paper products.  Phoenix Paper is proud to be Shanying’s first paper mill in the United States.

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