Mackenzie Fibre implementing 3LOG

Vancouver, BC, Canada – November 16, 2012 – Mackenzie Fibre Management Corporation (Mackenzie Fibre) selected 3LOG’s log procurement/settlement system for their Canadian operations.  3LOG’s LIMS and WeighWiz products will be installed.

3LOG’s products will address Mackenzie Fibre’s requirements for electronic scale detail import to eliminate data re-entry, contractor pay and contracts management along with HBS and Crown Dues reporting.

Mackenzie Fibre has operations in the Prince George Forest Region on 461,000 hectares of Crown lands.  The principal tree species harvested are dead lodgepole pine (from an epidemic pine beetle attack) with minor amounts of interior spruce and balsam.

Mackenzie Fibre is the primary supplier for Mackenzie Pulp Corp and both companies are part of the Paper Excellence Group.  For more information on Paper Excellence you can visit them online at

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