JM Longyear implementing latest version of LIMS

Vancouver, BC, Canada – July 16, 2015 – JM Longyear is implementing 3LOG’s LIMS (Log Inventory Management System) software for their operations in the Upper Peninsula of MI.

LIMS has many features specific to the hardwood industry that help employees be more proficient in the entire management of logs and that was a huge selling point for JM Longyear.  Additionally, utilizing LIMS mobile will allow personnel to utilize the system remotely and access reports from their smartphones outside of the office environment.

The privately held company is built on the businesses started by founder John M. Longyear in the late 1800s.  JM Longyear owns and manages about 73,000 acres of forest land in the Upper Peninsula and 92,000 acres of forest land in Canada. Forests are managed for long-term growth and harvest of timber products marketed primarily to regional customers in the United States and Canada, with some veneer and specialty logs sold to foreign customers.

JM Longyear’s corporate headquarters are located in the historic Longyear Building in downtown Marquette, Michigan.

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