Hornepayne Lumber LP Implementing LIMS and WeighWiz

Vancouver, BC, Canada – November 10, 2016 – Hornepayne Lumber LP has chosen to implement 3LOG’s LIMS and WeighWiz products at their operations in Hornepayne Ontario.

The decision to go with LIMS and WeighWiz was quite simple as Frank Dottori, the new owner of Hornepayne Lumber LP is also the owner of White River Forest Products and they’ve been utilizing LIMS and WeighWiz for several years.

The mill, formerly owned by the Olav Haavaldsrud Timber Company, shut down in November, 2015, leaving 146 people out of work.  As the second-largest employer after CN Rail in Hornepayne, a community of 1,050, it was a very devastating situation.

The Dottori-led company, Hornepayne Lumber LP, is resuming operations in January 2017.  Hornepayne Lumber LP will provide employment for some of the former OHT employees and there will be many other economic benefits derived from an operating sawmill in a small northern community of Ontario.

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