Finch Paper LLC implementing 3LOG product

Vancouver, BC, Canada – April 15, 2013 – Finch Paper LLC is implementing LIMS, WeighWiz and LabWiz at their facility in Glendale, New York.

Finch Paper LLC recognized the need for a new wood procurement/settlement system and the decision to implement 3LOG’s LIMS, WeighWiz and LabWiz products was the obvious choice to meet all the business requirements today with the flexibility to change as the operations change in the future.  In addition to 3LOG’s product was the extensive industry experience to help bring forth many industry best business practices – considered essential with the current economy.

Mike McLarty (Vice President, Forestry and Wood Procurement) said, “As a relatively small company we are thrilled to have at our disposal a product like 3LOG’s which is widely used throughout the industry by many of the largest wood product companies.”

For over 145 years Finch has been thriving as a paper company in Glendale, New York while other paper companies come and go.  Finch makes high-quality uncoated text & cover, opaque and digital papers offering a top-to-bottom uncoated product line and a wide variety of sheet sizes to meet customers needs.

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