DF Development, LLC implements LIMS Web

Vancouver, BC, Canada – May 31, 2018 – DF Development, LLC implemented 3LOG’s LIMS Web solution to help them manage their timberland operations in Idaho.

3LOG’s ability to offer a state-of-the-art web based solution with all the functionality needed to manage their operations was a primary factor for DF Development, LLC in making their selection.  Additionally, 3LOG’s extensive experience and long history working with other companies in Idaho including; Alta Forest Products, Clearwater Paper, Idaho Forest Group, Molpus Woodlands Group, Stimson and Woodgrain Millwork.

DF Development, LLC is a subsidiary of Wilks Brothers, LLC.  Wilks Brothers maintains a very diverse portfolio including; Construction, Masonry, Financial Services, Auctions, Equipment, Insurance, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Logistics, Trucking, Ranching, Investments, Manufacturing, Development and Property Management.

For more information about Wilks Brothers, LLC you can visit them on LinkedIn at: wilks-brothers

For more information about 3LOG Systems or the LIMS product contact 3LOG at 877-249-3LOG (3564), or by email at sales@3log.com.