Besse Forest Products Group selects 3LOG

Vancouver, BC, Canada – February 20, 2015 – Besse Forest Products Group is implementing 3LOG’s LIMS (Log Inventory Management System) software for their operations in MI and WI.

Utilizing a modern technology solution Besse Forest Products Group will be able to streamline many work processes which will help employees be more productive.  LIMS will integrate the data for the entire business operations alleviating the need to create manual entries and/or compiling data in Access or Excel.  Inventory will be automated and more accurate as a result.  An electronic feed from LIMS to the financial system will eliminate the need for data entry which will reduce the potential for errors.

Besse Forest Product Group has been 100% family owned since its inception in 1966 and the company has grown from twelve employees to providing employment for hundreds of individuals in the United States. Now Besse Forest Products Group is a leading manufacturer of high quality Northern hardwood veneer, lumber, and specialty plywood for cabinets, doors, flooring, furniture, industrial pallets, millwork, musical instruments, railroad ties, sporting goods, wall panels, windows, and other wood products used worldwide.

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