3LOG User Conference 2017 held at the Pan Pacific in Vancouver

A big thank you to all our clients that participated in the 2017 User Conference and for helping make it a huge success.  Over 200 people registered for this year’s event and the overwhelming response was that most people found the conference to be one of the best they have ever attended – with an average rating of a 9 on a scale of 1-10.

There were many presentations/sessions including; LIMS today and Beyond, LIMS Introduction, LoaderWiz – Track loads from the woods to the mill, LIM – Loads Delivery and Validation, All About Reports, WeighWiz Advanced Features, LIMS – Settlements, Simple Entry – Design and Deploy Engaging Screens, LIMS, Processing Advances/Holdbacks, LIMS Approvals, LIMS – Data Exchange with Suppliers/Customers, LIMS Advanced Features and Tips, LIMS – Managing Bulk Products, LIMS – Sales and Transfers, Planning/Quota and Certification Tracking, BoomWiz – End to End Processes, LIMS End to End Process – Hardwood Point of View, Wiki-style Help and Documentation, Inventory Tracking and a Support & Maintenance Overview.  In between presentations there was lots of time to interact with others to learn from one another.

One of the favorite sessions seemed to be the LoaderWiz presentation which highlighted the use of electronic loader tickets.  3LOG provided an overview of the product and the concept of complete chain-of-custody from the loader in the woods to the point of delivery at the mill.  Ken Manderson from Millar Western Forest Products provided his insight on the product from a user perspective.
Lab sessions provided users with an opportunity to gain more knowledge and understanding on the product functionality on a personal level one-on-one or as a small group.
The guest speaker was Pete Stewart from Forest 2 Market.  Pete provided some real insight into what is going on in the wood products industry based on data analysis his company provides.  Pete (far right) is shown here talking with Barry Parrish (far left) and Fabian Gaus (middle) from Georgia Biomass.

Dinner Wednesday night at Cloud 9 provided some spectacular views.  It was a great place to spend time with old friends and meet new friends.

Thursday night’s dinner cruise was an exceptional way to take in the sights while networking with other clients and 3LOG personnel.


We cherish the time we had together with you and look forward to seeing everyone again at the next user conference.