Greenleaf Power, LLC Case Study

Company Overview:

Greenleaf Power acquires, develops, owns and operates power projects that utilize biomass as fuel.  Greenleaf Power currently owns 4 facilities (Desert View, Honey Lake, Eel River and Tracy Biomass) fueled by residual biomass feedstock and generating approximately 124 megawatts.


As Greenleaf Power acquires facilities they are starting from scratch with no systems onsite.  They needed to have software to create contracts, manage the weighscale, test moisture & contaminants and provide reporting.

Systems must be California Certified (CTEP) and that can sometimes take many months or even years to achieve.


3LOG’s Implementation Consultant educated Greenleaf Power on all the capabilities available in the software and following a thorough business process review the system was installed and configured to meet the requirements.

3LOG implemented LIMS to handle contracts/settlements/reporting, WeighWiz to capture weight information and LabWiz for sampling and testing.

WeighWiz was already CTEP certified and all future installations can be completed under the current certification.


All the required features of LIMS, WeighWiz and LabWiz were successfully implemented with the first installation for Greenleaf Power taking less than 2 months to complete.


After the initial implementation Greenleaf Power was able to duplicate LIMS, WeighWiz and LabWiz at other locations with installations taking just a few weeks to install, configure and train users.

3LOG’s software is a modern enterprise solution, which will provide Greenleaf Power personnel with the tools to do the job and to adapt as business changes, with more security and control.

Rob Crummett (Director of Fuel Procurement) stated, “3LOG’s biomass solution is the perfect fit for making our operations efficient.”


The LIMS software helps automate the operations by prompting with notifications based on predefined criteria.  LIMS can also publish or distribute reports and statements on a scheduled basis.

The WeighWiz software provides the flexibility to manage the many varied products coming in and includes advanced features, such as tracking the time each particular truck has been in the yard, and prompting for explanations on exit when a truck has been in the yard an excessive length of time.