Delivery Manager Module

The Log Inventory and Managements System Delivery Manager tracks all information related to your timber, log, wood and fiber deliveries. Such information will include arrival date, time and location, timber source, truck, gross and net weight, species of wood, form of wood (raw logs, cut logs, chips, etc.), and so on.

All information is cross-validated against related database tables, and is immediately available to other modules (inventory, payment, etc.) in real time. LIMS is much more than a wood procurement system; it is comprehensive business management software for the forestry, wood products, pulp and paper and lumber industries.

LIMS relates all deliveries back to their original sources and hence tracks chain-of-custody and other sustainability (SFI) certification.


  • Imports load information from WeighWiz and other weight capture software into LIMS
  • Verifies, with the Timber Manager, the existence and accuracy of the approval area, block, setup number, and species associated with each load
  • Verifies, with the Contract Manager, the existence and accuracy of the contracts and truck configurations
  • Accepts many types of products including log samples, chip samples, pieces (logs), and different weigh scale software
  • Ensures that delivered wood volumes are associated with the proper contract
  • Links Ministry of Forests and Range (MoF) numbers to timber sources
  • Checks the scale information against a scale location table
  • Manages trucks and haulers
  • Reports on Truck turn-around time, yard time, overweight information, etc.
  • Increases information accuracy by verifying information with Timber and Contract Managers
  • Provides flexibility by accepting many different types of products
  • Updates the mill and bush inventories by alerting the Inventory Manager

Product Screens

Fig. 1: Screen shot of Loads / click to enlarge
Fig. 1: Screen shot of Loads / click to enlarge
Fig. 2: Screen shot of Chip Samples / click to enlarge
Fig. 2: Screen shot of Chip Samples / click to enlarge

Delivery planning

  • Track delivery depletions against individual sources
  • Create larger-scale delivery budgets, quotas and wood orders (e.g. by business unit or vendor)
  • Monitor actuals against plan
  • Report on variances
  • Pinpoint unexpected variances in deliveries
  • Get the information you need to make immediate corrections to delivery schedules
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"We are one of 3LOG's original customers and have experienced the true value of our partnership with continuous improvements in the software as requirements and technology advances.  We've seen first-hand how committed 3LOG is to this industry."

Dean Bergen,

Woodlands Controller - Canada, West Fraser

"3LOG did a great job evaluating our specific business processes and configuring a system to meet our many needs in the Northwest, Midwest and Northeast.  As a result, many redundant and intermediate tasks have been eliminated."

Celia Morris,

VP of Information Technology, Northwest Hardwoods  

"We have greatly improved the process of collecting accurate data and reporting on a real-time basis.  By doing this, it has opened the door to answering virtually any cost related question."

Roger Kopchia,

Millar Western Forest Products

"3LOG's professionals have in-depth knowledge and proven experience both in the forest industry and in information technology."

Paul Sorek,

Matson Lumber Company, Brookville, PA

"Excellent interface with corporate SAP accounting...Utilizing the Truck Weight Analyzer at the scale we identify suspect loads (axle off, scale not reset, spike, etc.) and can proactively resolve the problem."

Jenny Pezewski,

Lake States Wood Supply Accounting Manager, NewPage Corporation, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

"We went from signing an agreement to go-live in less than 8 weeks.  3LOG consultants led us through the implementation process with the end result being even better than what we had initially anticipated."

Barry Parish,

Fiber Procurement Forester, Georgia Biomass, Waycross GA  

"3LOG software has enabled Roseburg to standardize business processes across multiple facilities, collect and analyze data and react quickly to market opportunities."

Vinod Santha,

IT Director, Roseburg

"After a demo of the 3LOG software there was no doubt that it was a far superior product than all the other competitive software we had seen. After installing the LIMS and WeighWiz software we're ecstatic with the productivity gains achieved."

DJ Aderman,

President, FutureWood, Hayward, WI

"LIMS and WeighWiz are great products...user friendly...very flexible...greatly improved the efficiency of our users and accuracy of our data.  Upload and download capability with Excel is a real plus."

Jerry Mounts,

Financial Manager, Weyerhaeuser Southern Timberlands

"3LOG defined our business requirements, implemented the system, trained our users and today we are getting great product support following go-live. We're thrilled to be a business partner with 3LOG."

Roger Weaver,

Fiber Operations Manager & Wood Analyst, Glatfelter Woodlands, Chillicothe, OH